Automotive Company

Fast Facts

Industry: Automotive

Region: Region IVA - Southern Tagalog 

Location:  San Pablo, Laguna

Business Challenge: Expansion to add new locations


Founded in May 2006, the company is a one-stop shop auto repair service center that offers both auto parts and auto service located in San Pablo, Laguna. 

Over the years, the business expanded and already had four retail service centers across Laguna and Batangas. The company is also a key auto parts distributor of all S&R outlets nationwide.



Seeing the promising potential of the Philippines’ automotive market, the owner wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and expand the business. 

His goal was to open more repair centers to address the increasing demand for repair and maintenance services and to keep up with competition, which includes car dealerships and other existing service repair shops in the market.


iGlobal helped the company get better financing terms by facilitating a Real Estate Mortgage (REM) takeout. Using the same property as collateral with the addition of invoices, iGlobal was able to negotiate a working capital line that was 5x more than the original line.


The approved working capital line played a significant role in the company’s expansion plan since the availments were used to purchase additional inventories and equipment for the company’s two new locations in Lipa, Batangas and an additional store in San Pablo, Laguna.