iGlobal works closely with its clients to help them manage resources, create new milestones, and ultimately, unlock opportunities for growth.

Therefore, the success of iGlobal lies upon the successful achievement of client goals. In the past couple of years, we are proud to say that the iGlobal Financial Stack has given clients access to more efficient funding options and better financing terms which allowed them to streamline operations, improve margins, and expand confidently.


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This day marks the birth of our official entity in the Philippines. iGlobal Financial Services Inc. was issued Certificate of Authority No. 1156 to operate as a Financing Company in accordance with the Financing Company Act of 1998 (Republic Act No. 8556). The idea to provide financial solutions to businesses was first manifested through iGlobal LLC which was established in 2007 in Boston, MA by Sandeep Chandiramani.

Over time, we have evolved our consultative approach so iGlobal can engage clients, understand their needs and prescribe the right financing solution at an affordable, predictable price. Clients are then able to optimize resources to unlock their full potential.