Restaurant Group

Fast Facts

Industry: Food Service

Region: Region IVA - Southern Tagalog 

Location: San Pablo

Business Challenge: Debt consolidation


In November 2002, a highly successful restaurant venture commenced in the Philippines, quickly becoming one of the top establishments in the country. Inspired by the owner's travel experiences, the initial fine dining restaurant proved to be a tremendous success, leading to the expansion of the business into additional restaurants targeting diverse market segments. 

Capitalizing on this success, the owner established a retail store selling restaurant products and introduced a ready-to-eat product line, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy the unique dining experience at home. This strategic diversification propelled the restaurants to gain widespread recognition both locally and internationally.



The rapid growth of the business brought about intensive demand for both capital investment and working capital. The business acquired loans from both banks and non-bank sources, leading to substantial interest costs. This resulted in a significant portion of the business’ cash dedicated to servicing these amortization payments.

Solution consolidated the loan into one bank and structured it in such a way that the periodic amortization of principal and interest was equal to the interest expense.


This initiative has yielded significant savings, ensured regular repayment of principal, and enabled the business to generate free cash flow for further expansion. also extended a Revolving Credit Line to finance working capital requirements of the business. 

The business is currently operating five (5) restaurant ventures and intends to launch five (5) more concept restaurants around the greater Metro Manila area.